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Ivy Edwards is a married mother of two sons, aged 25 and 13. She was 20 years old when she was activated in support of Operation Desert Storm. The war was over on her 21st birthday, February 28, 1991. She currently lives in Chesterfield, Virginia and enjoys cooking, reading, writing and learning life’s lessons. She shows love through her food. On any given Sunday, you can find various family members at her kitchen table.

She recently opened up about a traumatic experience in Desert Storm that had silenced her and made her question her very existence. She “camouflaged” herself to “fit in”. Today, she’s a work in progress. And focused on being more open and honest in her communications because she understands when you are your true self is when you find true “gems” in this world. She vows to surround herself with positive people, take no one for granted, and let her friend, Pamela Gay’s death not be in vain.

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Camouflaged Sisters

Silent No More

We see their strong, determined faces in uniform. We see their unceasing exhibition of honor and courage while protecting our country. But there is something we don’t see: victims of the system—the system with the mission to protect all people of America, including its servicemembers.

In Camouflaged Sisters: Silent No More, twelve women strip away all comfort and protection to share the struggles they’ve faced, not on the battlefield, but instead in places they never expected—in their homes, in their barracks, amongst friends. These are the stories of sexual trauma, domestic violence, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other dangerous challenges women in the military fight every day.

This book gives a voice to the warrior who has suffered in silence, the soldier who has been plagued by pain, and the woman who will no longer stand for injustice but will rise up as a victor and speak her truth.